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Customer's Consents add-on allows you to obtain any additional consents from your customers in specific phases of buying process.

In the process of placing orders, customers are often obligated to read and accept not only the usual web store terms and conditions, but also other terms required by law. Additional consents may be required for example for: acquiring and processing of personal data, uploading photos, subscribing to mailing lists or providing any further data to the web store.

Our add-on enables efficient management of the whole process of defining the content of consents, their location and obtaining consents from customers.

The most effective way of obtaining customer's consent is to present him/her (in an appropriate location in the web store structure) its textual content with checkbox, that customer has to check to give his/her consent. And this is the way our add-on works.

Administration panel

Administration panel of the Customer's Consents add-on is located in the Marketing menu. You will find a list with all defined consents there and you can add new items, delete and edit them.
As an Admin, you can define as many terms that need customer's approval as you want. All you have to do is:
  • to choose a name for consent,
  • to define its status (active / inactive),
  • to provide the textual content that will be displayed at checkbox; you can use all features of HTML language to make presentation of the content perfect,
  • to select the place, where the content of consent will be presented in your web store: at the end of the order process, on customer registration page or customer account,
  • to select if the content of consent will be only visible or the customer will have to check the checkbox to perform given action: place an order, register in your web store or make changes in customer's account.

You can check the given customer's consents in two seperate places, according to the location in the web store, where consents were collected:

  • on the order details page (additional box with statuses of all consents listed),
  • on the customers profile editing page (statuses of consents are displayed on additional tab).


Consents defined in the admin panel may be presented in three locations:
  • customer registration page,
  • last step of the order placing process (order confirmation),
  • customer's profile page.


You can see the add-on in use in our demo store:
NOTE: the database of demo store is being restored every hour.

Supported versions:
  • CS Cart 4.0.x
  • CS Cart 4.1.x
  • CS Cart 4.2.x
  • CS-Cart 4.3.x
Browser compatibility:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

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