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Add-on Paczkomaty allow new methods of shipping to InPost devices distributed throughout the Polish.

Add-on possibilities allow to pursue the process of purchasing with shipping to Paczkomaty indicated by the customer and taking into account the selected payment method.

Add-on allows the store owner:

  • automatic creation of a new shipping method,
  • activation of the shipment to the InPost machines for the selected payment,
  • print labels and receipts InPost directly with created Shipments.

Add-on allows the customer to:

  • select InPost machines by list,
  • find the nearest (to the address data active customer account) InPost machines,
  • choosing the right InPost machines selecting it directly on the map.

Administration panel

Administration panel Paczkomaty is accessible through the Add-ons menu. Configuration view supplement contains a form of the logon information to the manager Paczkomaty InPost. To configure addition, it is also necessary to select the payment methods of which is to cooperate supplement. An additional option is the ability to automatically create a new delivery method of reducing the setup time allowance.

WARNING! If the store supports multiple currencies and provides the opportunity shipments cash on delivery vending InPost - to set up shop currency must be the currency "Polish zloty" with code "PLN"


Logged client has the ability to locate the desired InPost machine in several ways. The primary method of site selection is expanded selection list to determine the sequence village and the location machine.

An alternative method is elections can search InPost machine location directly on the map.

After using the "Find the nearest vending machines for your town" on the map remain 3 machines closest to the address given by the customer when registering your account in the store.

Each machine marked on the map is displayed when you click a check box to choose a destination order.


You can see the add-on in use in our demo store:
NOTE: the database of demo store is being restored every hour.

Go to the demo store and test our add-ons.

Password: admin

Go to the administration panel and test our add-ons.

Password: admin

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This Add-on allow new methods of shipping to InPost devices distributed throughout the Polish.

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Supported versions:
  • CS Cart 4.1.x
  • CS Cart 4.2.x
  • CS-Cart 4.3.x
Browser compatibility:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

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