SMSAPI Integration

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This product is electronically distributed.

Addon allows to integrate the SMSAPI service and send SMS directly from the store. 

Addon runs in the back-end part of the store and consists of three parts:

  • SMS gate - allows sending any SMS (or use the predefined content) to any number
  • Send to Orders and Customers module - to send any SMS or predefined content to the Customer (from the Back-end User Page) or order (from the Back-end Order Page)
  • Automatic Message module - to send the defined message during the change of the order status. In the module you can define statuses of order which triggers the SMS message shipment

In many places, you can use the universal tags that are replaced during sending the message

  • [FNAME] - Customer Firstname
  • [LNAME] - Customer Lastname
  • [OrderID] - Order Number
  • [AMOUNT] - The value of order
  • [TRACKINGNO] - The tracking number

Module configuration also allows for

  • entering the data necessary to log on to the SMS API
  • selecting the type of SMS (ECO PRO, 2WAY)
  • setting-up the hourly plan text messages
  • setting-up the message codepage
  • automatically replace national characters to latin characters

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