E-mail Headers and Footers

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This product is electronically distributed.

Use content-rich headers and footers in e-mail messages for additional communication with your Customers!

Customers usually read very carefully all e-mail messages sent by the web store after they place their orders. So why not to use it as a marketing tool and enhance this communication channel? Our add-on makes all this possible.

Now you can enrich e-mails sent from the web store to Customers with any textual or image content. In addition to the important information connected with the order processing, the Customer may also receive an ad embed in the e-mail message or any additional information.

Back-end part

Configuration panel of the add-on is easily accessible in the Marketing menu.

  • Editing of headers/footers is done in a specially designed form with a simple standard visual editor and set of configuration options.
  • You can define as many headers or footers as you want, giving them descriptive names (by which you can find them on the list) and deciding about position (headers or footers with lower position are added first in the text of e-mail messages).
  • You can define the footer or header depending on the status of the order - they will appear in e-mail messages sent automatically to Customers after the order status is changed. This means that you can differentiate your marketing communication - one information may appear in the e-mail confirming the order, and another in the e-mail informing the Customer of order being completed or sending the package to him.
  • E-mail message may consist only additional footer or header or both of them. It is also possible to attach multiple headers and/or footers in a single e-mail message. The order of them depends on the defined position attribute.

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