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Add-on that resolves Polish city names by zip codes

This add-on provides you with the functionality essential in customer data analytics, allowing the unification of names of cities and towns entered by customers in their orders and profiles.

Administration panel

After you install the add-on, it automatically extends the funtionality of zip code and city fields in profile editing and order placing forms. You do not need any additional configuration to get the add-on working.


When customer is entering zip code of his/her address in a proper form field, the system is automatically suggesting the name of the town or village, which corresponds to the entered zip code. If there are more records reffering to the particular zip code - you can choose the proper town from a drop-down list. This functionality also improves the usability of forms, reducing number of actions required in the process of placing order.


You can see the add-on in use in our demo store:

NOTE: the database of demo store is being restored every hour.

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