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Sell goods and educate your customers thanks to the USP add-on

Each product has its own unique characteristics that differentiates it from others. It is a common practice in marketing to emphasize features that make the product better or different from its competitors. These factors are usually called unique selling points or unique selling propositions (USP). A successful USP promises a clearly articulated benefit to consumers, offers them something that competitive products can’t or don’t offer, and is compelling enough to attract new customers.

USP add-on allows you to create a set of key attributes of the product and display them on the product page. This add-on is a perfect way to present product details, describe technologies utilized in the product or list all product certificates. Unique selling points can be connected with any category and/or manufacturer in the dedicated admin panel and then easily assigned to any product from a pre-filtered list of USPs.

Administration panel

Administration panel of the add-on is accessible from the Add-ons menu. You can manage the whole list of defined unique selling points there - add, delete, edit and activate/deactivate them. Each feature is defined by its name, description and image that you can upload directly on the USP edit page and can be connected with any category and/or manufacturer (brand).

You can assign USPs to a given product in a separate tab on the product editing page, selecting them from a pre-filtered list of USPs. All you have to do is to click check boxes at these unique selling points that characterize the product and save the changes.


Unique selling points are presented in a clear and straightforward way in a separate tab on the product details page. Each item of the list contains name of the USP, short description and image/infographic. The customer may quickly become acquainted with all important features and benefits of the product.

Main features

  • Easy management of a list of unique selling points/propositions (USPs).
  • Building of sets of USPs connected with the given manufacturer/brand or product category.
  • Assigning of the USPs to products in e-store.
  • Visually attractive presentation of USPs on product details pages.


You can see the add-on in use in our demo store:
NOTE: the database of demo store is being restored every hour.

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